01 July 2000

Disruption at Adenews

Extreme protests by anarchists calling for an end to stupidity in publishing resulted in a two (4) week hiatus for Adenews. Commenting for Man-Mountain Megacorp, publishers of Adenews, Mr Theodore Penning-Lyons said: "I don't understand what these people want. They have proposed no alternative to stupidity. It is the way our society has operated for a thousand years and I see no reason to stop now."
Fifteen anti-stupidity campaigners are now in jail having passed up the opportunity for mindlessness and violence in favour of a nice cup of tea and a fruit scone. In an exclusive interview with Adenews, one of the terrorists said: " I lost my faith in stupidity some years ago - I just could not see the point any more."
Speaking on behalf of the Government, Lord Wobbly Strainknees Thin of Twit commented: "I'd set my dog on them, but frankly, his teeth are far too valuable."