05 April 2006

Guttings disputes court's authority

Mr Grass Guttings refused to enter a plea in the first day of his trial for war crimes, saying he did not recognise the court's authority over him.
The proprietor of Man Mountain Megapublishing, publishers of Adenews, is accused of crimes against humanity perpetrated via his online Geordie warmongering service, e-blowdabastadsup.pet and refuses to say whether he denies the charges. Speaking for Mr Guttings, his lawyer Mr Crass Maneuover said:
"My client does not understand how the court can claim jurisdiction when at the time of the alleged crimes he was on a beach in Acapulco."
But the judge, Mr Justice C N Tabadun said Mr Guttings would be treated as innocent until he was proved to be guilty, from which point he would be treated as guilty. Thereafter it is anyone's guess.
Mr Guttings has a long and prestigious career in publishing he has told us to point out, but also has a shady underbelly, according to inside sources.
The case continues.