06 April 2006

French youngsters upset at being rubbish

The French Premier Dominque de Vilified has defended plans throwing young people out of work to solve the country's unemployment problems.
Looking tanned and relaxed after a lengthy ski holiday, the Compte de Vilified said young people should grow up. "Only then will they be able to enjoy full employment rights in this country," he went on. "Really I do not see what the fuss is about. Most young people are delighted to have the excuse to hang around bars complaining about the government. It is their birthright."
But protestors have reacted angrily to the Compte's apparently offhand comments. "It is outrageous that our employers should be able to sack us just because we are incompetent or foolish," said student Jacques Cheid, 22, currently staging a one-man sit-in at the Gare du Yrpossessions in Paris. "We should never be able to be fired no matter how useless we are. That is the French way."