07 April 2006

Motor vehicle outted as VP aide

A US grand jury investigation into to the leaking of intelligence in the run up to the Irate war has uncovered a plot by the Bush administration to disguise key aides as waste bins, lamp posts and other everyday street items.
Mr Lewis Libby, formerly an aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, admitted he had spent three years on a street in New York disguised as a scooter. Expert sources have suggested he may have done this to leak key intelligence information to the press in a bid to support the moves towards war. Witnesses report a similar scooter parked repeatedly outside the offices of the New York Times.
"It has become clear that in the run up to the war we could not take senior White House staff at face value," said special prosecutor F D Shoefitz. "However, while it is very unusual for a president to hide staff inside Italian two-wheeled motor vehicles, we can find nothing illegal in these actions."
But antiwar protesters are livid that the president seems to have sanctioned the actions.
"First they lie about the reasons for going to war," said Hammer Homessidge of Americans Against Other Americans Gittin Spitroast. "Then they lie about who they are. Gosh damn, I ain't never going to look at a scooter the same way again."